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Tanya moushi, writer & consultant

Tanya Moushi is an Assyrian-American woman that began her entrepreneurial career in 2006 advocating for Good Business and the power of Business for Social Good using a variety of psychological and philosophical approaches. She completed her Masters in Interdisciplinary Studies at Arizona State University with an emphasis on Existential and Transcendental Philosophy, Global Business, and the intersection of these disciplines. In 2014 she began her consultancy entitled Moushi & Company where she helps non-profits, entrepreneurs and for-profit organizations blur the line between formal organizational structures and social enterprise. She hosts Rapid Prototyping Sessions to help those with powerful ideas effectively bring them to market, and helps executives and entrepreneurs rethink the humanity in Business.

She is an advisor for TEDxPhoenix, a lifetime member and advisor of COHOOTs Coworking (4th Best Coworking space in the United States), Board Member of the Arizona-based Mesopotamian Business Alliance, and a StartingBloc Social Enterprise Education Fellow. She has served as contributor for Delivering Happiness (a Zappos company), volunteered her time teaching Financial Literacy at CASS, provides probono services for qualified non-profits, and is a contributing writer and thought leader in the emerging space of business and behavioral economics. 

Tanya Moushi is a featured Squarespace Expert, speaks on Marketing Kindness, Building a Business with Vulnerability and the Human Side of Web (given at the Phoenix Convention Center). She cites Seth Godin as one of her greatest influences.