My Favorite Tools for Entrepreneurs, Side-Hustlers and Small Businesses

Note: I have no monetary affiliations with any of the following organizations. Although I am a proud Squarespace Specialist and Authorized Trainer, they don't pay me for that designation–that's earned. As for the tools, I've used all of these with great success:


We use Typeform for all things that require data gathering, from preparing a quote to sending out surveys. We also use Zapier to integrate our requests for quotes into Streak, a CRM that lives in your inbox (see more below).


Website Building Platform and excellent tool for Business Prototyping (if you want a code for signing up, sign up for a build session). $

Google Suite

This is not as obvious to some people as I thought, but the Google Suite is standard in my opinion. This includes a custom email address (, Google Calendar, Drive, Docs, Sheets, and Slides among other things.* $


Scheduling tool that integrates with Google Calendar and makes meetings incredibly easy.


Another scheduling tool which is a little more complex; I use them for scheduling paid classes or trainings.*


I actually use this as my main conference line and include my dedicated line information inside my calendly account.


An Email Marketing and Campaign tool for keeping in communication with multiple people who sign on as subscribers.


A great product for sending out estimates, invoices and accepting payment. Making it easy for for people to pay you (while ensuring you can track it all) is a critical thing for budding entrepreneurs. I have some issues with them, but generally speaking they're pretty good. $

A Link shortener great for tracking, so instead of the link to this article being I can make it Boom.


The best for DIY social posts and cover designs, and can also be used for designing presentations (save as png and drag the image into PPT) and simple logos (save as a transparent file)


You won't find a better place for aggregated, high-resolution, license-free images. 


If your business is in need of a payroll service (i.e. putting yourself on payroll to save on taxes), this company makes it seamless. $ 

Streak CRM

A Pipelining tool and CRM great for moving people or things through a funnel. I.e. Contact, Pitched, Proposal Sent, Proposal Accepted. 

I know there's a bunch more so check back later for an update, just wanted to get the critical basics out so that you can get a move on. 

$ Indicates a paid software. The rest have free and paid versions you can use.

Of course, where it makes sense, have a professional help you out with some of these. If you need a custom plan for what to use with and for your specific industry, I'm happy to help. It's a sit-down session (or phone-call) that will save you hell of a lot of time.