Humans are screw-ups? Maybe because it's engrained in our heads

I heard my professor today say, "We're human, we screw up." It spinned something inside me. Now I realize how often it is both used and accepted that we are human therefore we make mistakes. Is that what we're made up of? Just a bunch of mistakes? It is so engrained in our heads that we are "sinners." Ive always felt like the term "sinner" was used to keep people humble, to help them remember they are not better than others, and to keep the fact in place that the entire world is made up of One. But "sinner" has grown into a label, into a role. It has become a self-fulfilling prophecy, much like when you tell a child, "you're stupid" or a lazy person, "you're useless." People, normally, fulfill the role given to them. Not always, but more often than not.

It is a sad day when we equate being human with screwing up. What if all these "screw-ups" were not screw-ups but actually self-made or inflicted events that brought us to where we are today? In a sense, what I'm saying is what if they are purposeful? (Then they are not a "screw-up.") What if the world was planned in such a complex and interesting way that these "mistakes" we make are in fact perfection of a purposeful plan. Then would we still be screw-ups? I think we need to stop using that, "Oh we're human, we make mistakes." How about we dont make mistakes. Maybe we need a change of perception, because the use of these phrases makes these mistakes OK. It makes them common, it gives them backbone. What if, if we stopped using phrases like these and carrying that mentality, we became perfect--as we truly are.

To perfection, a narrow thing in which imperfection may lay; to love, which is undoubtedly a perfect sense of being; to rest, so that my soul may rise another day. Sweetdreams.