"I dont do anything that doesn't make me money"

That quote right there was from a woman on Real Housewives of Atlanta and it made me think a bit: if you only do things that make you money, then that's what drives your actions. People work for money. Not all people, but most. Now some will argue, "Well money helps people." No money does not help people; people help people. Money does not. Money buys people who help people. Money is a middleman, like a mortgage broker or a retailer--without the sense that both those bring.

It spirred my memory of a passage in the Bible that says you either work for God (love) or mammon. You cannot work for both. My argument here is that if you work for love, for goodness, money will come--if it is even necessary. If people worked for love, money wouldn't even exist; it's true and rational worth of is zero.

I seriously believe that we all, in reality, know this. We know this fact and we bury it deep within ourselves, to the depths of our souls and push the idea down whenever it tries popping up. We do this to fit in with the American (or Western) style. If we simply gained more confidence in ourselves I think we could allow the fact that money is worthless to work its way up to our blood, through our skin, and out the surface.

If you only do things for money, then money runs your life. If you do things for goodness and love, than goodness and love run your life. Whether you like it or not, you both control and are controlled by what you choose to live by. The thing thing is, often if we're ignorant, we don't know what we live for until after we've lived it.

Imagine the Western world rooted in love. That would be quite a change for the hegenomy that is the United States. Imagine the example we could set.

There's a thought.