This just has to be said

I know it's late, but it has to be said: there are times when people dont believe in themselves. When they're too worked up or too stressed to be happy about anything. To those people: slow down. I noticed an energy today that I've always seemed to notice consistenly in the lives of others and occasionally in mine, and that is when somebody doesn't believe in themselves or believe in the situations they're in.

"If you laugh, then you'll cry."

"If you're rich, you'll be broke."

"If you're stuffed, you'll be starving."

The truth is, those reminders are based on being humble--not not being happy. And sometimes you'll find that you bring yourself down about stuff: "this isn't gonna work out," "it can't get any worse," "I'm dead broke at this point." So you live on Ramen noodles, peanut butter and chips for a couple months. It'll be heck of a story afterwards. The point I'm trying to get at (and have yet to) is a phenomenon when somebody believes in something more than you do, and so changes it! When you think times are tough for you and somebody just whole-heartedly knows things are ok, they'll work out. BAM! Energy changes, their belief is stronger than yours, that belief suddenly somehow seems to change your circumstances.

Also, I believe it's worth adding (if not the most important thing, ever) that sometimes, God closes doors no human can open and God opens doors no human can close. So stop sabotaging yourself by trying to close all these great doors that are open in front of you--you won't be able to! Simply walk through and "thank you."

And for goodness sake, be positive. That energy seems to flow.