Flicks me off or Flips me off --however you say it

Flicks me off. Cant believe it right?

How do people flick off a car you know has kids in it? This teenage punk with a black Eclipse (totally a girls car in my opinion but maybe he's a met) was driving behind me and--I'll admit--I accidently cut him off. Seriously, it was not on purpose. When I turned to apologize, however, there was his middle finger outside the window.

My first instinct was to shoot this kid in the face. But two problems 1) I didn't have a gun and wasn't about to run and buy one and 2) it's illegal and unethical. But I wouldn't have felt that bad if I had--his influence could possibly ruin the upcoming generation, right?

Lessons learned:

  • Violence towards others is not an option, no matter how much you wanna stick somebody in the face. But if nobody's looking . . .  I'm jk. Not an option.
  • The Middle Finger is a noo. At least give the other driver a chance to apologize first.
  • Check your blindspot for metrosexual cars and dont cut them off if you can help it.

Good driving.