Digging me up

The beauty of life is that we could always turn it around.

Every body, person, being has a moment in time when they aren't feeling good. They aren't feeling their best. There's a reason. Things pile on top. Dirt and guilt, filth and dust crud on top and that person seems to disappear. People do the wrong thing a lot of the time. Why? Because we're trained to think that people are selfish, greedy human beings by nature. But, where does compassion come from? Some will say, "Oh, it's taught." I dont think so. I think it could be encouraged, but I dont think it's taught.

Our weaknesses pile on top of eachother. Our guilt overtakes our souls. We feel filthy sometimes. Here's a tip: dont you ever let yourself get under that crap. The beauty of the world is that somehow, somebody, a friend, God, yourself--or all three, dig your real self out eventually.

So if you're "stuck," rethink the word. Grab a shovel and Dig.

- Thanks to Incubus' inspirational song and God for digging me up.

Go dig.