Today I fell in love . . .

I fell in love with a man I've known for a long time. He is more than decent, he is gorgeous, he is witty, funny, and smart. Now, I have been opposing men for a long time now. Sure they may be good fun in flirting or gaining compliments, but few are decent and worthy of simply being with. I thought about this in great depth. Today, more than ever before, I realized things beyond my power. Somehow, the most everyday things are out of my hands, and the most crucial things are in them.

I believe people doubt themselves a lot--more than they should. I believe, as Emerson believed, that things need to be drawn from the heart--that most of your answers  lie there. However, in my specific situation, it was difficult to draw anything out of my heart--let alone an answer. I began not to think, but to simply be; and in being found , found that most things find me. That I, myself, rarely see something I like; but that those things I love naturally come to me. And so, this man, who'll remain "My Honey" for the rest of my blogs has come to me in the most spontaneous way. I will no longer be afraid to love, but simply, properly love as long and hard as my heart can handle--and only God knows how long.

Today, a real honor to love and passion, for these are the things that spin the world and hearts of men and hate of people. To you know who, I love you Dearly.