The Fear of Loving and Loving Anyway

I wonder how many people are scared of love. If there are any of you out there, please raise your hand (or leave a comment). See, I know death ranks somewhere like 6th and public speaking roughly 3rd in the People's Biggest Fears list but I'm curious to see where love falls.

Why are we so scared to love? Is it putting ourselves out there? Are we so afraid of getting hurt that we completely eliminate the possibility? Do we take calculated risks on people to love the way we work the stock market?

I believe the world becomes something greater each time somebody loves someone they feared to love. This doesn't have to be a significant other, boyfriend/girlfriend. This could be an enemy. This could be a friend. This could be a stranger. It's an ego-driven world, but some of us may humble ourselves. We throw away pride, soothe the ego, and simply love. Love in all its forms and variations; nonetheless we love and grow.