Duty, Forgiveness, and Pains

Today is something special. Today is a forgiveness day. Why do we forgive and why do we take things so seriously? What do we get worried about? Why do we worry? Are we selfish? Are we so concerned with "self" that we worry about what so and so is doing that effects Me?

Me, personally, I'm bothered by forgiveness sometimes. Not by forgiveness in general, but by feeling like I'm supposed to forgive everybody and their mother before they even say, "I'm sorry." So, guess what? They're never sorry. Not truly at least. People aren't sorry until it happens to them. Not until they're faced with the same obstacle they brought upon someone else a couple months ago, in which another person is now bringing to them. Pushing in their face the necessity to make a decision. The right one for that matter. Not that any of us can fully understand that.

I believe the only thing we can do in times like these is pray. Yes, prayer is and should be in everything I understand, but in this it feels like the only thing we can do.

Ponder this: What would become of us if we felt we had no duty? Would we be happy or not?