On Education

What is it about education exactly that gives it its stature? I have come to find, that education, specifically on a college level, and especially on a University level, is an exceptional beginning to a persons life as a full, well-rounded student for years to come. More than cramming books, anyone who has ever picked up bits of the college experience--beyond partying and all-nighters--knows that college prepares you to look at life. It prepares you to wonder about it. It helps you decide how to live it and what to change and why; and most of all, it opens minds.

Education may be based on a single person in a single room with a single book--The Bible, and that is education. Education may be many students in many rooms with many books, and that is education. It takes many forms and interacts through various ways--the senses, mind, soul, subconscious. You see, education permeates through walls and membranes, it seeps in and through blood, throughout veins, inside the marrow of bones. Education relies on the person to embrace it as the person relies on education to fall into its arms. Education and people are ladybugs and leaves--one can become nothing without the other, and truly, each is needed to live--long and content and wholly.

Take the time to understand education--a variety of books and observation and experiments. It is what teaches you, be it people or life--whatever you may. What comes with the word, beyond a certificate, is experience of the mind; one grows up and has yet to know it. Then suddenly, in the midst of the day, comes a striking thought: I have grown. I understand. It's Beautiful.