Here's the New Concept: Sharing

I was discussing this rather touchy and fairly new concept with my man a couple days ago: sharing. Hmm. Interesting. Everybody's got their own everything nowadays. Music is personalized--no more walking around with a boombox, it's the Ipod. Personal DVD players. Laptop computers. And everyone is so keen on having their own. "Don't touch that! It's mine."

I'll admit, I've been a brat when I was younger--but that word "mine" will destroy sharing in the world if we continue to implant it in kids' brains. Even in our everyday examples, we must share to show people, mostly kids, that sharing is prosperous for all people involved. You make a friend and the other person has something they didn't have before. Of course some things should be kept personal, but not material things. America, open up your eyes. We've got more patriotism than any other nation, more wealth, more heart; and material wealth, we all know, is not very rich at all. You may have to dig deep to realize that, but everyone knows it's the truth.

Can you imagine this brilliant new concept in action? Sharing. Take a moment to grasp this. Wow. Next time you're in class or at work, bring a box of Ritz Crackers or a pack of M&Ms and offer to share them with someone. It surprises people. It's quite amusing actually.

Good day.