Long time no see

The truth is, I've had such a mixture of ideas to write about that I couldn't pinpoint one. So, I apologize for taking a leave of absence, I've figured out a way to let one idea out at a time. I'm wanting peoples' opinion lately and today it's on a basic topic:

Love. Specifically, in parents. Does love really ever fade? Yes. I think so because I know it needs to be replenished, it needs to be renewed. It gets transformed into something else and the caring aspect, the underlying breath of joy and pain and newness, oldness, curiousity, adoration--those tones they never disappear in reality. They get passed on, or tucked inside, or brought about new everyday--the sign of a healthy relationship. But, actually, the brightness of love is what is capable of fading.

My focus is on parents because the U.S. divorce rate is so high, too high. This definitely isn't strictly for the married crowd though. This is a consideration for all, because all will be at some point in love and goodness knows that that's the stuff we breath.

This isn't too much of a tip blog but I've gotta tell you standard things everyone seems to know and noone seems to hear: talk, talk, talk. Talk to the people you love. Effectively communicate--good, bad, easy, hard--you'll get nowhere if you dont communicate and nowhere is not a fun place to be. I know.

So if you're a kid with divorced parents or happy parents, if you're an adult in a loving (or hurting) relationship, if you're a big ol' sap who falls in love twice a day everyday or a hard-hearted fellow who only wears black: renew your love. Every day. Starting today.