Rich Men Wear Levis

Today I sat in class and listened to my professor (who has never taught undergraduates might I add—only graduates) talk about different accounting methods pursued by America’s top companies. Incase nobody knew this, since maybe the writing didn’t match much, I’m a Finance Major. Tough time, eh? But, I’m excited. Everything’s changing. And I want to become a graduate student someday anyway.

Back to the story, this professor of mine holds shares in Johnson & Johnson, Pfizer and all the matured greats. He’s got money. He flies to San Diego to teach once a week. He’s bought an upgrade for everything he thought needed it in his home during this economic downturn. He has never sounded more excited about the possible spending spree apparent to consumers with dough as companies slash prices on goods. All in all, the guy has got money and more than that, he’s got brains.

All he wears is $20, pale-blue Levis. Let me set this straight:  California beaches once a week, doctorate salary, significant big-company stock holdings and . . . an old rugged cheap pair of jeans. I cracked a smile. He doesn’t give a damn what he wears. He spends his money on things worth spending and don’t tell me, “Well who’s to say what’s worth spending?” You know what’s worth spending. Fashion is a beautiful thing. It is a creative, entertaining and inspiring billion-dollar niche. But people with real money, I mean those who carry good assets; smarties, nerds, people like Bill Gates and Warren Buffet don’t spend their money on fashions. They prize the simple things. I noticed that each man (and woman) following in their footsteps has that same lack of consideration for the hottest pair of blues. Nobody said they don’t care about looking good, they certainly do. They just don’t blow 1/8th of their green on Blue.

Good wake up call.