Happy Birthday Sister

That's the beautiful birthday girl on the right.


Dear Sis,

I love you so much. You are now __ years old (whoo-hoo you guys dont knooow!) I want to tell both you and Nina that you two are the girls in my world, my sisters, my best friends. Each of us have such a different personality, but when we come together, damn it's something else. We've got Nina with "Really? Weeeiiiirrrrddd." Mary with, "What the %&*! is wrong with you dont swear!" and me with, "That's awesome."

When we watch a movie, it's you Mary sitting up like an owl all into it. Nina is "ZZZZzzzz . . ." and I'm eating soup watching next to you. All of a sudden, Nina murmurs in her sleep "No I dont wanna . . . Dammit Georgie! Mom c'monnn . . ." And we burst into laughter. All sharing a bed might I add.

Cuzzowuzzo, I just wanted to tell you that I remember chewing through pajamas with you walking back from our runaway (cant believe I just said that on the internet), getting our asses beat because all of Skokie thought we went missing, watching The Lion King for the first time. I remember when you came to get me in the McDonalds play place slide when I was too scared to come down. I remember when we went to Highland and I accidently told on you. I remember when we babysat 11 children between us three, and Georgie would throw up whenever Nina yelled at him. I remember when both of you came down to AZ to visit--whatta story to telllll. I remember when we met Ramon. I remember Lipton soup with an oversized spoon. I remember freeze tag in my HUGE (small) backyard. I remember slip-n-slide at Ninas house. I remember when we slept in the apartment on Knox for the first time. I remember all the fights we had about who cheated in cards. I remember all the hugs afterward. 

I love you so much. Happy Birthday  :)

Love you guys.