OH MY GOSH I'm Overwhelmed

So, all this hub-pub, rush-rush, gotta-move-now-or-the-world-will-slip-past-me brain waves that are occuring in this time of unstoppable madness we call Finals week has ran me into a neat little thought, provoked by a woman named Isha (www.isha.com). Now I don't know her or anything (by the way, if you click on a link on my site, I don't get any money. Just dont have the gustos for Adsense, feel sorta like it scams readers. . . like dammit if they wanna give me money they will on my Change 4 Education page) but I saw her featured on Gaia.com which is a site with a great idea (but a little busy), and she mentioned how you cannot love the world without loving yourself. 

Alright most of us who have been enlightened at some point or another have figured this out right? But what happens to the over-flow? As in, you love yourself so much (we're not talking dirty here), that you fill to the brim with joy, happiness and pure love--one more drop will spill over your soul.

Well that's the stuff that gets into the world! When you overflow that way, you flow that love into the world. So if we can simply keep loving, keep pouring that within ourselves, the world will in fact experience some of that love. It's just a solid way of understanding that we should push some of that grace onto our environment and let it stick to the branches.