Dealing with Haters: My Favorites from Tim's Latest

by: ivan amezcua on Flickr
Here is a summary of Tim's latest blog post and the points that hit me hardest. Read/watch the full post on Tim's blog here (about 30 minutes). My favorites below, feel free to discuss:
An ounce of prevention is better than a pound of cure. 
In essence, dont be an idiot. Watch where you are going, and if you step on toes--so be it. Just remember to give the other person a band-aid if they're not too butt-hurt to take it. What I'm trying to say is seriously care from the beginning, don't half-ass it and try scrambling to fix things in the end. Take it slow. Slow wins the race. Fast trips on a rock, hits the ground, twists his ankle and has to drag himself to the finish. Take your bloody time. 
It doesn't matter how many people don't get it, it matters how many people do.
There are so many brilliant concepts out there and most of them take a lot of mind-opening to even comprehend. A thousand years ago people would have told you you're crazy to think that we can build rocketships, land and walk on the moon. Nothing is crazy, nor completely impossible. Even if it seems so, chances are we just haven't found the law that allows it to work. Personally speaking, network marketing is a big 'un. We have a mental block that doesn't allow us to believe certain things that sound too ridiculous: people making $10,000 a month in network marketing, 2000 person downline, etc. Even though the facts are there: as an employee, you pay more taxes than as a business owner. The majority of corporations do not focus on personal development (I applaud and encourage those who do). NM products are almost always of better quality. I had to look at the business model 7 times before my mind was willing to open up, and one day it did.
Focus on impact and not acceptance.
It's the fifth time I've heard it this week (4 times from Robert Kiyosaki): "Do not care what other people think." Dont confuse that with caring for your reputation. That is very much important, but the bottom line is, what other people say doesn't really matter. Do what you want to do. I can GUARANTEE that if you believe it has some honest, genuine potential impact, than it does. Acceptance, anyway, is not something you get from other people. It's something you get from (and for) yourself.