Dog Days Are Over

Incase you're in the position where nothing makes sense, or people surrounding you come across as idiots, or you're not sure quite what to do because the options you want dont feel like they exist, I'm here to tell you, the dog days are over. 

Things dont have to be as mundane as you think they are. You dont have to eat the same food and love the same people and walk the same route every single day if you dont want to. Maybe something in you wants to experience . . . I dunno, Life? Nonetheless, although it may sound contradictory, I do believe we need to be content. Of course, to a point. Don't give up on experiences you want. 

I'm trying a new thing: not saying anything about what I want to do until I'm in the middle of doing it. Hence, not talking about it, being about it (Buckle is not the only place that benefited from that saying). I guess there's so much culture that I feel like I'm missing out on, so many skills that seem so far away. We've gotta come up with a way to learn fast, learn quick, retain well, share easily, redesign, recoup, and do it some more. 

Don't be afraid to learn. People do it every day.