Top 5 Random Life Suggestions for 2011

So, a couple things I'm suggesting for the new year (random but fitting, trust me):

1. If you read, get a Kindle. That's that. 50% off most books, innovative authors, easy reading, adjustable type, ya there are some quirks like the hilarious text-to-speech, but if you're worried about that, you're a listener, not a reader. Readers will love this. $139 very well spent.

2. Save for your retirement. I'm not just saying this because I'm a Schwabie (although proudly am), but dont be one of those bozos who thinks "Ehhhhhhhhhh I'll worry about it later." $5,000/year for 40 years (I'm thinking you're around 25 years old) at an average 6% interest rate in the market = $807,000 (the actual estimate is a little bit more, but I like to be conservative with numbers to prove a point). Don't believe me? Run the calculation.

3. Be intuitive. If you create something, make it make sense--and you can usually do that by following your intuition. Funny thing that intuition literally implies no reasoning whatsoever, but following it normally helps you arrive at a very reasonable destination. Interesting.

4. Be stupid-kind. When somebody yells, be silent. Normally it takes approximately 25 seconds for the yeller to realize that they are acting ridiculous. This is both amusing and often ends in a win-win, with the yeller feeling a bit foolish, but wiser nonetheless.

5. Get the wringing, worrying, crap-I'm-stuck, unethusiastic, fearful, annoying feeling out of you this year. Whatever gives you that feeling, get it out of your life, or if you prefer, simply force yourself (use a whip only if you must) to let that feeling go. Pick your path. It must be done.

Plus an extra:

6. Have an extraordinary day. Everyday. You may not think it's possible, but your belief all too often creates the fact.

Happy 2011 everybody. Warmest wishes.