Food Choices and an Alaskan Fisherman

I love fried mushrooms and wings (and I always, always will) but being recently inspired by "Forks Over Knifes," and my friend Alex's book recommendation, "The Omnivore's Dilemma," I'm finding that the food we eat needs to be dumbed down for our own sake. This is not a hippie rant or persuasive essay, but it is more of a freak-out realization encompassing what the hell are we eating and what is it doing to me? Because my diet has consisted maybe 30% (if I'm lucky) of foods that I can properly define, I'm starting simple: more whole veggies, less meat and dairy, less canned anything. Not cold turkey. Nothing radical. Just a serious effort to pay attention to food. 

Farmer's Markets are becoming a heavy trend (one movement was featured on the cover of Entrepreneur Magazine this month), and it's been one that I'll admit, I didn't pay too much attention to in the beginning. After a couple years however, it's easy to see that this isn't going away soon. The wave of books and media documenting food choices are exploding, but before you believe anything that's written in a book or showed in a movie or printed in a white paper, skim through this TED talk: 


Now that you're up to speed, I want you to know that I'll be taking note of good ideas, interesting finds, recipes, and inspiring people in the food world. Not often, but you'll see a few posts in the future. Now I don't expect this to take effect immediately, you won't run out now to pick oranges off your neighbor's yard (Jess you know what I'm talking about), but like most things in life, when it makes sense for you, it'll happen.

Seth Godin says, "You're only poor if you don't have a choice." If you've got that choice, take advantage of it. Lots of people don't. 

FEATURED: Guys like Cedar Mulligan who I recently met at a Glendale, Arizona Farmer's Market is not just an adorablely nice human being, his whole family is made up of Alaskan fisherman. They flash-freeze and sell the heck out of their wild catches (king salmon, halibut, rockfish, etc.)--tell him you're on a budget and he'll recommend a good bang for your buck.

PS: It's kind of funny how we're circling around when it comes to food. Moved from handmade/hand-caught/hand-picked to machine-manufactured/genetically-altered/mass-produced and now we're trending back to the beginning. Life's interesting like that.