Some people in the world

I have a proposition for you. If you have any sort of power: good looks, modest wealth, great knowledge, position of authority, the best player on the beer pong team--whatever it is, don't be a bitch. or an asshole. or an ungrateful jerk. or a greedy wannabe. Don't be that way. 

Be a decent human being, because like it or not, other people are watching you. I don't care if the person who mimicks you is 2 or 22 or 82, if they're low or middle or high class, if their educated or not, if they want to be somebody or slum on the couch, if they have any will power or if they're a doormat. Un-very-fortunately, some of these people are influenced by what you're doing.

So, please God, do the right thing.

Be the person who uses his or her power to leave a mark on the world that recycles goodness and leaves people feeling better about the times in which they live, moreso then they did before they met you. Not the opposite way.

You have that power.

Gear up soldier.

(and thanks to Hugh Macleod for the great drawing)