A compilation of Bright Ideas for Being influenced by the late, great, awesome, amazing Alan Watts.

This book is a concise reading and thought experiment that introduces new ways of looking at and being in the world based on the philosophy of Alan Watts. Most people know I'm an avid believer that personal development and better business go hand in hand, and I'm not alone. So since I'm in the smack middle of writing this, I've come up with a Kickstarter-esk Donation System. I'm thankful for any support you can offer, even it's as simple as a cup of coffee (that's one of the options!).

Please share with friends, family and acquaintances that you think will enjoy it or benefit from a change in perspective–which is sometimes all we need. Progress reports of this writing will be sent your way as well, with estimated completion in August 2015. 

Thank You and Much Love.

Tanya Moushi