Project V or #Vulnerability

is going to be scary. It's going to be freakin amazing. It's going to be totally exposing. It's going to allow us to get over the shit you see on the right (resistance) and allow us to make that beast our buddy. Use the hashtag #vulnerability on Instagram for all the weirdness, coolness, WTFness that is you and we will see you. We might point and laugh, sit and cry, or feel totally numb. The point is that if you step out, others step out. And that is an important gift to be able to have: allowing others to be themselves without judgment, but rather full acceptance. 

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Resistance is that thing inside you that stops you from challenging yourself and living the way you want.

Inspired by Seth Godin, Steven Pressfield, Tim Ferriss, and Daniel Pink, I've developed the Resistance Killer. A website, ebook, series of posts, tweets, stories and pictures intended to destroy the incredibly clever resistance that lives inside you. Nobody is immune to the resistance, but we can all find our own methods to killing it.

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If you're interested in the books I'm basing this off of then check out A Whole New MindDo the Work and Linchpin along with just about anything Seth Godin and Hugh MacLeod writes. In my opinion, there are three keys to getting over yourself:

  1. Get Learned 
  2. Be Confident
  3. Gain Support

The point is to do/read/see things that make you step outside of your comfort zone, spark creativity, believe in yourself, and make the connections you need to be inspired, encouraged, and supported. If you'd like to showcase what you've done, drop me a line and we'll find a way to do it together. If you want to help me cultivate my own creativity, you can subscribe to random writings on everything from scene ideas to marketing trends. Thanks for your continued support and love and greatness!