An Unexpected Person

DSC00549.JPGThis man to the left is standing at the bus stop. All his belongings are carried with him everywhere he goes. He stands hunch-backed every moment he stands at all, and he is said to be homeless, carrying the "homeless man" name throughout ASU West. One day, I asked this man if he studied here, and he looked around and asked, "Who? Me?" in a stunned voice; and then answered simply, "Yes." This man here, he is pursuing a Masters Degree in Physics. He spoke to me about the current financial situation of America. He politely nodded on his way up the bus. He is more educated than most, and when I asked about pursuing his education--namely, why physics, he simply said that it interested him. It certainly made my day. To see someone with nothing, still get an education.

To wonderous things. And beautiful things.