The Move Toward Globalization

Individualization is an awkward thing. For even in independence we are dependent, and the meaning of the word doesn't exist. We recognize a union in the world yet try to make ourselves distinct, and no matter in making ourselves distinct, still we yearn to be with and love another; be it God or man or animal or nature. It is a complication we bring upon ourselves to remain "independent"--for we make our own worries. It is a rather selfish and paranoid situation for those who oppose Globalization. As humans I do believe we make things harder than they ought; it is a beginning to peace--this new age of Globalization; because we finally realize that it is never "each man for themselves." The world itself would not have lived through the eras it has lived if this mentality was in place. Rather, it is each for themselves and the other. "The other" is Always everyone else. We must not destroy ourselves to pick up another; but we should hurt, we should suffer, we should be able to stoop as low as the other and rise him up with ourselves; maintaining integrity. We are never any good alone. It is simply not healthy to focus as we do on self-sufficiency and security. How are we ever to expand without an open mind, deep faith, and wide-spread arms? We have made ourselves scared of what is good for us--not what we want, but what is good for us. And I, among many, must dreadfully say (because I too love "independence" as it has been created) that Globalization, that working together, will always bring a nation up, will always push us forward, will always keep us at the top. It is our nature and to live in it produces a natural goodness.