Happy New Year to You

I've come to find that I have a lot of things to say to a lot of people. This past year, 2008, has been quite a crazy one: I fell in love all over again and this time it's been an amazing experience, a lovely person has gotten into a terrible accident, the economy has fallen, stocks boomed--twice--and a half-black man made history. All in all it's been quite the year. More often than not, people take the experiences they've had and let them lead the future. Know this: your past is quite simply not your present, nor your future. Instead, everyday is new, refreshed, honest. It is yours to make it what you wish, to replenish the insides, lose weight, gain respect of colleagues, fall in love--whatever it is, it's yours for the taking--if and only if you take it with a very humble and rightly grateful heart. Understood? Good.

I can't tell you how much I learn from people. Also, it's safe to say that I believe everybody at some point stares at everyone in the room and declares to him/herself, everybody is fricken nuts. If you did that today, you're not alone :)


To those who have a pessimistic attitude: enjoy your life, please. Look, purposely look, for greatness and I promise you will find it; and when you do, adore it greatly.

To those who have been through a rollercoaster: relax. No really, relax. I'm not suggesting it, it's necessary. Look to the future with open arms and know that if you've survived this ride, you're going strong.

To those with no money: appreciate this for a moment. Think about the absolute worst that can happen. Let me tell you what it is: you lose your home, lose your job, lose your car, end up in a box, live on the street and watch little Timmy grow up to be a psychologically disturbed man harmful to society. Wow that's pretty bad. Your kids will be ok :) You will be OK.

To those with a lot of money: I hope you’re making money doing things you love. At least like. At minimum, legal. Skip lunch one day a week and buy the guy with no money some food. I'm serious.

To those who are hurt: with every ounce of my being I tell you, you'll be ok. No matter what. The world is a complex, ridiculous, phenomenal, beautiful, heartfelt place and I assure you it will take care of you. Coldplay – “Fix you”. It may bring on tears, but is well worth the waterworks.

To those who are looking forward: be positive, encourage others to be positive and watch an immensely successful change.

To all: I'm happy to have met each and every one of you. I'm also really glad about starting this Blog. If you've got comments or topics you think I should cover, shoot me an email in the Contacts tab. This past year, 2008, I've been twisted and turned and heart-wrenched in many ways; and in each, found a good way to grow.