I haven't been up this early in a while . . .

I mean late* --see what I mean? I came up with this conclusion and do believe I'm tired enough to explain it:

When we sleep late and wake up with the mid-afternoon sun shining down on us, our subconcious could possibly think that the whole world is already up--ahead of us. While we're snoozing are butts off there are others out there making money, having breakfast, meeting people, answering to the calls of the world.

If we were to wake up early, suprisingly like all the greats do, we'd be ahead of the game. We would watch the world wake up, one person at a time while we're settled in our little nook reading the paper (cuz that's what smart folks do right?) or checking email or reading a good book.

Maybe that's why we wake up groggy after 12 hours of sleep. We secretly know, damn, I'm the last of the bunch and everybody knows 3 hours late is no longer fashionably late. Although, sleeping in has its pros at certain times: when you've been working hard 60 hours a week and haven't slept longer than an extended wink or when you haven't experienced the 1pm grog in over a year. Of course some people "sleep in" until 10:30. Of course, those people are a whole 'nother entry.

I know the economy is kind of in a rough state, but for those work-a-holics who lost their job recently, before you go out hunting, sleep in. Sleep in for sanity. Sleep in to remain human. Goodness knows Angels dont sleep in, they're up with the sunrise.

Till the sun comes up,