Excerpt from possible book

More so than ever, I've felt the courage to tell the man of my very real dreams that I am the woman he's been searching for, and that he is the man I've loved all my life, beginning at the moment we met. That he, above all, is the completion of all things virtuous; and all that I've had inside me, that which may have been confused, has been rushed to a depth and dissipated upon the pressure. No longer do I worry and always will I love. Thus, forever will my heart be at peace. All that is wondrous and kind, all that is stunning, all that blooms has blossomed in the form of a gaze which I now calmly hold. I've fretted and frayed and worried close to death, but now the courage keeps me going, resting, running and reassuring myself that all is and has always been well. For this, I feel undoubtedly blessed. That I am but one in a trillion pieces of matter that fall in precisely the right places to compose me, a fantastic piece of work. Philosophically created and purposefully shaped. I've found a way to fall in love with myself and it has always been through You.