What's the day got . . . ?

Whatever you've got in store for it. I've been carrying this quote in my pocket that I got from my daily calendar about a week ago. It says that you're life is merely a reflection of your state of mind. It hit me pretty hard considering I've been baffled and buzzed on the urgencies that seemed to run my life last week. It helped me put everything in place and focus on what I wanted, and how to get there using little stepping stones pointed in that direction.

Remember when the day seemed endless? Back when you'd look at the clock and think Ive got this many hours to stay up. Now we look at the clock and think I've got this many hours before I get to sleep. I'm determined to stay in the former position. It's already September and this year has felt more like a passer-by than any before it; I'm pretty sure it's because the days have been filled with noisy tasks that take away from what I really want to do.

People shouldn't spend more than an hour a day on meaningless tasks. Yes, paying the bills is a necessary activity, but if it takes you more than an hour you should outsource it to India. Cleaning the kitchen is a daunting task (because you know in an hour the microwave will be filled with burnt Hot-Pocket cheese and the counters will be stained with Pepsi), but put music on blast and you'll straighten that baby up in 20 minutes max--joyfully too. People should do what they want, because I believe when you do what you truly want (which may take good meditation to figure out), it's all the right things.

With all the right things, you can't go wrong. Even if you tried.