The Secret Powers of Time - thanks Jon

I'm hoping this video from RSA will provide you with the knowledge to have understanding, to breed compassion amongst ourselves. Learning something about each other is always a good thing, lucky for us, we have fantastic people full of curiosity to conduct these studies. Note which time thought applies to you and think of people you know that apply to the others.

Speaking of fantastic studies, I'm pursuing a new study on my own (of which I could use the help) to discover which notes (I think I have an idea but still must be proven) have the ability to turn a person's mood. That is, I believe, that specific notes produce specific emotions--that go beyond consonance and dissonance. It may vary from different cultures, but America is my birthplace so here is where I'll start.

Thanks to Jon Gardiner for showing me a video by this sweeeet organization, RSA Animate, and indirectly leading me to this one.