The Best FREE Blackberry (IPhone/Droid) Apps on the Market!


Starting from left to right: Poynt, UberTwitter, EverNote, Pandora, Kayak, MyAssist

 1. Poynt. Most BB users know (and seriously love) this app. It's like the yellow pages took an adrenaline shot. Helps you find movies, businesses, restaurants, gas prices--all utilizing cell-site location (if you want) or from another location. GPS Navigation to the place, listing contact information, time to location and reverse directions (utilzes google maps). Tip: When searching for restaurants, use "businesses" to find them to get the best results. 

2. UberTwitter. If you're a twitter-user, this app is the best client out there. Incorporates immensely well with BB for tweeting a picture or video, and makes a "new tweet" easy as pie. This app is included on the BB Menu "Share/Send to," organizes followers timelines with mini-avatars to make them easy to read, and still includes all the links, @replies, and updates you can hold on to. Plus, customizable alerts and facebook integration are wonderful. 

3. Evernote. It's no surprise that this made my favorites list. An advisor to the company is none other than Tim Ferriss and they've done an awesome job (finally) making this app useful for Blackberry. It's the best note-taking app that I've found, and beats the Memopad on BB any day. Best feature: text recognition when taking a clear picture.

4. Pandora. People normally take sides for Pandora or Slacker Radio. Pandora made the list because of how unique and on-the-dot the application is. It finds music that sounds like the music you already like, and is amazing at recognizing a wide range of artists and sounds. When somebody calls, the music pauses to pick up, and resumes where it left off.  This has been the culprit of my favorite latest finds. 

5. Kayak. This travel app machine is in my opinion better than its online counterpart. Kayak Online lets you check some of the top travel sites all at once to compare rates on hotels, cars, flights, and packages. The app is super easy to navigate and fantastic for checking up prices when you're actually talking about the trip--not 17  hours--so that you and your travel buddy know what to expect.

6. MyAssist. This app stood out in Blackberry App World (BB App Marketplace) for it's awesomely high rating of 4 1/2 stars--the same as Poynt. After some research and checking up the MyAssist website, I found that you can utilize a 30 day free trial. No sign-up fee, no contracts, and $9.99/month afterwards which is a steal. You can email or phone into MyAssist (if you email, add to your contacts) and when you call--gasp, you get a real person. Not after 5 minutes of going through an automated system, after the first ring. Here is a real-life example of my first experience with MyAssist: 

Me: 2:30ish AM, On BB-->MyAssist app-->Email MyAssist: Me and my two girlfriends would like to take a girls trip. They are based out of Chicago and I'm in Phoenix. We're in our early 20's so need some well-priced trip ideas. Please send me any trips or ideas you may find. Thanks!

I received the following in response:

Dear Ms. Moushi,
Thank you for contacting MyAssist! We are pleased to assist you with your request for information on a Girls Getaway Vacation. Please see the following information for some ideas:

*a number of ideas, too many to post but some include the Tamarack Lodge and a Girls Wine Getaway in Napa Valley* and in closing . . .

We hope this meets your needs. Please do not hesitate to contact us should you have questions or require further assistanc. For your convenience we are available twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week.

Thank you for your time. We look forward to our next opportunity to assist you.

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Danielle G. | MyAssist 
1.877.692.**** US Toll Free
715-295-**** Int'l Collect
Visit MyAssist Online | Twitter | Facebook

 When you compare MyAssist with American Express's Concierge Service (that comes with a $450 Annual Fee or Invitation Only Card), this is quite simply awesome. It does everything an assistant will do with exceptional service.