If everything in the world needs a reason, why not give reason to your world? If everything you do has a purpose, why not give purpose to someone else? If everyone has an image, why not give a picture to the point? If you love everybody, why not be fearless to love one-body? If you love the people you’re with, why not be with all people? If you’re doing what you love, why not show who you love what you’re doing? If you’re afraid to fly, why not flee the skies? If you’re in love with life, why not let life love you back? If you love the song, why not sing the love? If your heart is warm, why not heat the cold? If being smart means understanding others, why not be open to being understood? If showing people you care is hard, why not write it down instead? If being the only one is scary, why not scare others into being the only ones too? If your heart is light, why not lighten the situation?

I hope you enjoyed these.