One of the Best Entrepreneurial Resources: No-Holds Interviews

When every business book you read tells you to get a mentor, you eventually take it seriously. But what if you dont know anybody who went off and did their own thing, made a million or two, and wants to share all that valuable information with you over lunch? No worries. Andrew here doesn't hold back asking the tough questions to figure out what exactly made these super-small businesses blow up. Some stories make you roll your eyes--grads from MIT, Princeton, Duh. But other interviews dig deeper into the lives of bootstrappers, people who literally started with nothing and transitioned their actions into positive-producing work. 

Whether it's taking a look at an entry strategy, exit strategy, equity, VC or not to VC, bootstrapping, marketing online, marketing offline, designing, manufacturing, servicing--anything that you want to know more about to help you in your own endeavor, has proved itself a most valuable tool for entrepreneurs--all sizes.

PLUS: Take a look how serious packaging can be. is a ridiculously good resource for branding, designing and packaging all types of products.  

Good small businessesing everybody!