Things I Love: Banana Paper, Programming Tutorials, and Emerson Prompts

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Disclosures: I have no affiliation with any of these companies/organizations/projects, except that I'm a happy user. 

Banana Paper

Tree-free journals from the Banana Paper Company are amazing. There's something special about them, plus they're only $6.99 (Target) for a pack of 3 (ruled, graphed, and totally blank). 

Programming Tutorials

So I have been on this mission to learn programming languages, and I was honest-to-goodness lost on where to start. Thank you Youtube for introducing me to Bucky from the TheNewBoston. His site is and he has tutorials for eeeeeverything. Just pick a language--any language--and click Tutorial 1. Extremely well organized and the site is basically run on donations alone. Humble guy, great teacher, extremely easy way to learn programming (XHTML, CSS, Javascript, App development, etc.). 

Emerson Prompts

Ok, this is for writers. has these prompts, inspired by one of my favorite (if not thee favorite) writers of all time: Ralph Waldo Emerson. You take a pledge (don't worry, you don't sign your life away) to think about the "prompt" they send you, which is basically a quote and question to go along with it. Oh does it help you think. And sometimes we all just need to stop and think. 

There you go, things I love lately. Hope you enjoy!