What Successful Entrepreneurs Don't Talk About

They don’t talk about the fact that sometimes you may spend hours, days, weeks trying to find or a fill a perfect market niche, and that a fit isn’t always found. And that the truth doesn’t change with your ability to stomach it.

They don’t talk about the FOMO, the anxiety, the constant self doubt, the hours spent working on confidence, self-esteem, experience — all to get the courage to take a risk.

They don’t talk about the fact that things fall through, that people let you down, that your business partner may leave, that you might — to your dismay — have to work in a group setting.

They don’t talk about how you’ll probably pull from your savings, depend on sheer luck and the grace of God at times, and learn to compose creative income strategies when push comes to shove.

They don’t talk about the fact that being a professional requires at least some sort of consistency, even if it’s a consistently messy desk.

They don’t talk about the gratitude for recognition, or the smallest word from a mentor giving them the booster seat they needed to sit at the table.

They don’t talk about the little tests they create to filter ideas or the time spent practicing pitches in the mirror.

They don’t talk about the loneliness and the fear involved with making decisions that affect others, and the consciousness it takes to accept that and not let it paralyze you.

They don’t talk about how you’re doing so much of this because what drives you is an insatiable curiosity or a hard-lined fear or an incredible passion — all of which can ultimately be reduced to *not logic*.

They don’t talk about how you’ll need to be good at psychology or finance or writing or something else that has nothing to do with business in order to be good at Business.

They don’t talk about these things, but they should.

  1. Budding entrepreneurs deserve realistic expectations 
  2. Vulnerability is the root of human connection


....and that last bit is what we’re all going for, isn’t it?