Love, Waiting, and Time Wasting

Waiting for the Wind (

I was thinking actually about my position. And I was thinking, actually, about love. Love knows no gender, no particular role, no status. It isn't fluff or fond of "stuff" or bullshit. It's honest--the real kind that is--and it's interesting. 

I'm not quite sure what spurred the topic of this post, but I think it has something to do with waiting for love and/or waiting for something to happen. "You can't start until . . ." is stupid. Life isn't a waiting game, unless you treat it that way. So all the things you want to do, all the places you want to see, all the potential possibilities that you want to realize, realize them. Don't wait for anything. 

Love, God, family, friends, business partners. 

The way the world works is that all those necessary components, well they come as you're moving along. You'll bring them then. Not before.

Deal with it.