Suffering Makes Two Options Available

Option 1: Become bitter. Not a little bitter. Soul-turning, dream-resigning, disbelieving bitter. This can be, depending on the person, the much easier option. It's certainly more straightforward. It's like a switch, you turn off. But for the person whose nature it is to care, this will undoubtedly lead to (you guessed it) more suffering. It seems so easy doesn't it? You hurt?? Stop caring and you'll be fine. Well isn't that the greatest advice you've ever heard. Care, by all means. But don't care to become bitter. Care to become better.  

Option 2: Be creative. Turn it into a creative force. I know that sounds borderline ignorant to the suffering in the first place, but, the truth is that this is the moment you have no shame. This is the moment you have time. This is the moment you have you (whether you like you or not). So do something with you. 

At the end of the day, the people who suffered Hurricane Sandy or a broken heart or a painful mourning (quite sure we each have gone through--or are going through--at least 2/3 of these) who can do something, will do something. I'm pretty sure bitter people don't help re-plant trees in their town.

Just saying.

Serious Talent in the Creative World: Videography

I came across a company,, that seriously impressed me. Some people are gonna ask me, why are you putting a random video on your blog? It's because great talent needs to be recognized. Discovered them after watching diggnation (great, funny show) and saw their name in the credits. For those that know me, I obviously dug a bit deeper to learn more about the background scheming that goes on to make things happen. Since that is, of course, my favorite place to be: the background.

This is a Macro Video done exceptionally well. WARNING: causes trance.

Crop Dusting from Artwerk Media on Vimeo.

The Artist's Suffering

Kim ScafuroThe Artist suffers from something: deciding what she will do before she does it. There's a very common problem in having to say what you will do before getting it done, and if you have trouble articulating what it is you want to do, well, then you're stuck in a stage of unproductiveness--stuck in queue that is--a bottleneck in the workflow process, a rock that refuses to budge.

You've got to be creative to lift this. You've got to trick yourself into doing work. You've gotta sit your ass down and write down words, boil the vegetables, sketch out the nose. You've got to actually do something--forget saying what it is you're doing, people will figure it out on their own. Give them some credit!