The Switch to Square: Why Bloggers Should Be Moving Up

Some may call it an elite service, but I've tried wordpress, tumblr, typepad, and blogger, and depending on what you're comfortable with, those may serve you well; however, after exporting my blog three times from those platforms, I'm sticking with SS.

Squarespace, a decidedly beautiful platform for blogging, vlogging, and photographs, has just released it's newest version: SquareSpace 6 which runs parallel to SquareSpace 5 (I use both). So with so many options for bloggers, i.e. wordpress, tumblr, typepad, etc. Why Squarespace? I've been using these guys since 2008 and they are only getting better. Here's a short l list of why I love them:

You're an integral part of a growing company. Some people like this, some people hate it. For me, I thrive on it. What it means to you is that they treat you like an important person, because you are. They take your feedback seriously, and grow and develop with you in mind.

Have a BEAUTIFUL website. Aesthetically speaking, you won't get better. Founder Anthony Casalena has an almost OCD-like quality about him when it comes to making sure their templates and all their customizable features are beautiful. For the designer, you get the perfect design without the code which for me was important.

Mobile-ready for IPhone/Android/Windows. People are reading your blog on their phone a lot of the time. They use services like Pulse (fantastic app) to push content to their device. You don't have to worry how it'll come through whether it's on their browser or through a third-party app; the formatting takes care of itself. 

Easy Import/Export. Trying out other blog services if you get curious is no problem. Your content is always backed up and you can export in XML. Keep in mind, you'll likely return but it's still useful for those who are not yet convinced or have found another platform they're more comfortable with. The import option is just as easy. 

Template Previews and fully customizable. The templates are extremely well designed on their own but the fact that you can fully customize them is better. My favorite feature is that you can switch between templates without the typical select, preview, go back, select another, preview . . . no no no. You can toggle templates with your content AND customize it simultaneously. This is super cool for an admitted nitpicker like me.

In addition,

  • 24/7 honest, helpful support (they are fantastic)
  • Advanced areas for developers
  • Try it free for two weeks and email them for an extension (for up to a month)

Keep in mind that SS5 and SS6 are very different. In my personal opinion, SS6 is great for photographers--stunning even, and for bloggers, either or will work well. Let me know your thoughts once you try it out, why you like another platform more or less, or what your must-have features are in a blogging service.