What if you played against no one? 

What if the success of your business wasn’t pegged against the best or worst in your industry?

What if you measured fulfillment instead of profit? What would that even look like?

What would it look like if you played *with* people in your industry instead of *against* them?

What if all your “competitors” were “partners”? Who would you be serving? How would you be serving them, together?

You might play until people are happy, and then keep playing. You might play until you’ve delivered the thing you want to deliver. You might play until you’re tired and don’t find it interesting anymore. You might play because it’s a good time to play right now. You might play because the people you respect and admire are playing. You might play so that your children know that they could play someday.

But figuring out what you’re playing and why you’re playing it will help settle whatever weird, nameless, blurry, aimless feeling you get sometimes.

Other kinds of games exist.